I believe strongly in creating opportunities for students to learn mathematics in a safe and welcoming environment. In 2021, I received the Outstanding Contributions to the Department Award for my work with COMP and the DRP.

Directed Reading Program

In Spring 2020, I founded the Directed Reading Program at UCI. I served as a co-leader along with two other graduate students. This program pairs undergraduate students with a graduate student mentor to conduct a quarter-long reading project.

Peer Mentor Program

I was the co-leader of the Peer Mentor Program in the UCI graduate mathematics department. My co-leader and I pair incoming graduate students with experienced graduate student mentors. We host quarterly social gatherings to encourage interaction between all graduate students and to share important information/advice about the first year.

Community, Outreach, and Mentoring Program

In the summer of 2020, I co-founded COMP, which is a new and improved extension of the Peer Mentor Program. We established a paid TA position called the Mentor Program Fellow, who is responsible for running this program. In addition to the Peer Mentor Program, we also now have a mandatory weekly seminar for first year graduate students on topics such as mental health, social justice groups on campus, and supporting international students. Further, COMP organizes seminars at local universities to encourage students from underrepresented groups in math to consider a career in mathematics. This program was featured in the following article.

Math Circles

I was active in the Math Circles at UCI. The program introduces middle and high school students to math that is not taught in the standard curriculum. I have led Math Circles classes on cryptography, graph theory, and combinatorics.